Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mordhiem Miniatures BASED

Step by Step painting of a HYW miniature

This is a Perry Miniatures Standard Bearer.

Primed black then base colors applied. 

A mixture of Future Floor Clear, water, and GW black ink is applied to the GW Bolt Gun Metal to give it a shine, and so that the deep parts of the metallic get dark.

Vallejo Sepia ink is applied to all parts of the model except the Bolt gun and skin parts.

GW Flesh Wash ink is applied to the skin.

All parts except the armor is highlighting on the raised parts of the model. Block style painted on skin is necessary because the muscle definition is not actually molded on the miniature.

Finished Product then the only thing needed is to base the model.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mordheim Warband preview

Here are some of my Games Workshop Mordheim miniatures. I plan on completing a small warband for the store in Jacksonville NC for a Mordheim league. Unfortunately I will be unable to play in it for myself but maybe some trusted friends can play with some of my painted miniatures. 
Reikland Champion

Reikland Champion.

Empire Greatsword probably my favorite pose.
I didn't paint the pupils of his eyes because I thought it gave him a look of bloodlust.

Hundred Years War foot knights revamped

These are my new generation hundred years war knights. The skills that I learned during my first generation HYW miniatures made me want to completely start a new line of miniatures. These miniatures look darker with a more realistic and darker look. The armor is not just plan metallic. It is a smooth carefully applied bolt gun metal so that it doesn't crust over and look rough. With a wash of original black ink mixed with future floor cleaner, and water to give it its extreme shine. I plan on basing these ASAP so that we can all see how they look as a unit.
This is a generic coat of arms

This is suppose to be a English knight from Agincourt cant recall his name

One of my favorites